Puppy Advice

The Journey Home

Let your puppy walk to the car if safe to do so and allow them to use their natural curiosity and enter at their own pace. It can be daunting for the puppy if they are flung into a new place quicker than they would like.

Make sure they will have relieved themselves and be tired in order for them to be as relaxed as possible on the journey home.

Ideally, they will be contained in a small pet carrier so they are secure if an accident were to happen. The carrier must be well ventilated and should not be sliding around the car. A blanket or toy with their mother's or litter mates' scent on it can be placed inside to comfort the puppy. Be aware that they may soil this in transit so it is advisable to have another blanket or toy with the scent on for when you get home, when the soiled blanket is in the wash.

If the puppy cries or whines on the journey, do not reward them with affection. Instead, give a simple no or just ignore them until they settle.

Ensure you stop regularly for the puppy to relieve themselves if it is a long journey.

Arriving Home

When bringing your new puppy home, take them straight to the garden or place for them to relieve themselves on a lead. Travelling away from their mother and litter mates can be distressing and is a big step in your puppy's life.

It is advisable to let them walk as much as possible where safe around your property so not to confuse the puppy as to how they got to where they are.

Next, take them on the lead to where they will be sleeping. Ideally, your puppy should be restricted to one room so as not to overwhelm the puppy as well as assisting with house training.

Let them settle with their scented toy or blanket. Your puppy will need lots of rest.

Ensure everyone who greets the puppy greets them in a calm manner and allows the puppy to approach them in their own time. 

The First Night

Make sure your puppy has relieved itself and does not have free access to further water.

Take them to their bed. This can be a crate, blankets or dog bed. Wherever it is, it must be warm, comfortable and in a draught free area.

A radio can be left on quietly to help soothe the puppy while they sleep.

If the puppy wakes up during the night (most do), calmly take them to the place to relieve themselves and then return them to their bed without talking or making eye contact.

Ignore any whines or cries once they have relieved themselves as this can only cause the puppy to realise that crying yields attention.

In the morning, take the puppy to relieve themselves before playing.

If they have soiled themselves during the night, clear it up with minimal fuss and continue as normal. 

For further advice and support, see our Puppy Care Services page or contact us.